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BEAG, more than just yarn. Partner for high qualitative texturizing and twisting.
BEAG, more than just yarn. Your partner for high qualitative texturized and twisted yarns.
Bäumlin & Ernst AG was established in 1919 with the main activity in cotton twisting. Since 1954, a leading position in the texturizing of PET, PA66 and PBT  yarns was pioneered enabling the customers to profit from both innovation and high quality. BEAG products are used in a multitude of applications, including weaving, covering as well as circular and warp knitting.

BEAG stands for expertise, customer proximity and flexibility. With this in mind, BEAG is constantly looking ahead while questioning all of the running processes in order to guarantee highest quality as well as best solutions.

Friction texturizing at BEAG Wattwil


Modern friction-texturizing technology combined with full-sorting for single dyeing batches guarantee a top quality for highest requirements.

Are you looking for something special? We are prepared for those requests as well. Our PIN texturizing technology is suitable to produce yarns with a specific characteristic.

Twisting at BEAG Wattwil


"Not possible to produce" does not exist at BEAG. BEAG produces single-twists, blended-twists and cross-twists - all in line with your requests.

Having a lot of experience with all different materials, BEAG's knowhow goes from traditional cotton, high tenacity yarns up to copper and carbon yarns.

Air texturizing at BEAG Wattwil


Air-jet texturized yarns are well known for technical applications.

BEAG offers products of different characteristics betwenn dtex 50 and 5000.



Bäumlin & Ernst AG concentrates its efforts in processing and finishing of yarns to fulfill the increased demands from customers and the textile market.

Innovative and technical products like elastic and non-elastic blended yarns, mixed with copper and carbon, enrich the range of products at Bäumlin & Ernst AG.
The knowhow in technical specialities, the processing of special twists and their customer- and market orientation leat BEAG into the future. Longterm customers from around the globe confirm the success of the quality policy.

A highly motivated and processional workforce is ready to serve you to achieve the best.

BEAG, more than just yarn. Twisting and texturizing in the highest quality to serve you perfectly.
As a result of BEAG's innovative spirit, they offer for example shielding and conductive filament yarns which are engineered to run well in weaving warp and weft. The flexibility to produce well performing yarns for your application makes BEAG a world leader in shielding and hi-tech yarns. 
Conductive copper monofilament / Polyester multifilament twist by BEAG
Intimate mixture of polyester filament yarn with highly conductive copper monofilament, which may be coated with silver or polyurethane products in counts from dtex 50 up to dtex 610. The polyester provides the textile properties according to your final product requirements and the copper monofilament component the necessary conductivity of shielding performance.

Suitable for most diverse application like lining fabric, outerwear, protection suits, military / anti-bomb squat tents, curtains or data transfer fabrics.

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