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The latest generation of fibers for fibre concrete.
Asota, partner of Swicofil for MCP and AFC PP fibers
IFG Asota is a leading supplier of PO staple fibers. Asota develops, manufactures and markets PP, PE and PA6 staple fibers for use in carpets, automobiles, technical applications, sun shades, sport coverings and textiles.
Their core competencies are excellent product quality, continuous improvement and a high quality of service.

Asota is the unique producer of the latest generation of anti fiber crack and micro crack preverter MCP fibers in polyoleofine.
Asotas products contribute to a clear improvement of concrete quality. Furthermore, their products are harmless from a medical point of view, do not enter the lungs, are chemical resistant and environmental friendly.

With products from Asota, very good results can be achieved by adding them in grouting compounds or joint adhesives. By doing so, advantages such as reduced segregation, improved hydration, reduced permeability or maximized toughness index will occur.

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