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ABrand Technology Company - fiber and yarn specialities.
ABrand Technology Company is Swicofil
ABrand Technology Company is the developer of MILVET milk protein fiber and has devoted a lot of efforts to research, application, marketing and services of milk protein fiber in wold textile industries.

Besides the MILVET fiber, ABrand Technology Company is also the parter of Swicofil for soybean protein fiber, negative ion fiber,  bamboo carbon and many other yarn and fibers.


ABrand Technology Company is not only Swicofil's first choice for milk protein fiber, soybean fiber, negative ion emitting fiber or bamboo, charcoal, ABrand Technology Company also is our partner for material like:
  • Modacryl
  • PBT
  • PTT
  • PVA
  • special natural fibers like Rose protein fiber

All materials are available in different types and counts. 
ABrand - partner of Swicofil, the trusted name for PET, PP, PA, conductive yarn as well as many more yarn and fiber specialities

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