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Natural and synthetic yarns, fibers, spuns, monofilaments and cutflock specialities from the reliable source Swicofil 
Plasma Metal coated Filament yarns from Tersuisse  
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Plasma metal coated filament yarn specialities

Reasons speaking for plasma metal coated yarns:

  1.  new solutions possible because plasma method works with many substrate materials
    chemo-galvanic silver coating needs polyamide

  2. desired metal goes straight onto substrate
    no base metal (silver) to diffuse through eventual damaged spots like microcracks

  3. substantially better adhesion and washing behavior

  4. most regular coating along the yarn
    This is ideal in process management applications where a uniform conductivity is important - this allows to keep reaction margins or electronics components extremely narrow

Tersuisse Emmenbrücke - your polyester high tenacity specialist with innovative advances into plasma coated filament  yarns


Specialities from a flexible supplier

Tersuisse as basic producer of polyester high tenacity yarns has diversified its activities. Swicofil as sales organization is happy to offer:

SwicoSilver - plasma silver coated yarns for demanding applications
Plasma metal coated program Tersuisse
please click on above picture 


Plasma silver coated PA 6.6 monofilament dtex 13 and dtex 17 

PA 6.6 monofilament plasma silver coated 
dtex 13 & dtex 17.

We are working on a high brightness version for multiple head embroidery and one for other applications. Below please find the latest comparison. Click on image will enlarge it

Brightness comparison of plasma silver coated PET yarns - one qualtity for multiple head embroidery and one for other applications. 

Plasma silver coated multiple head embroidery yarn - no. 40 
Multiple head embroidery yarn - plasma silver coated No. 40

high conductive yarn construction
dtex 541 f 96 - after Lini Light test still 81% of silver on the yarn - resistivity is 0.37 Ohm/cm

Plasma silver coated yarns in polyamide and polyester or other filament substrates

Plasma silver coated yarns are very special. 
If you need high quality and more precise coated yarn then plasma coated yarns are the right products. 

Any filament yarn works well in plasma coating. Finest so far was a silver coating on PA 66 monofilament dtex 11 f 1 - coarsest is a PET high tenacity 550 dtex multifilament yarn. 

The conductivity of these yarns can be engineered to your request and is very regular along the yarn. Ideal for process management applications. The coating is very thin and ensures that the final product still has a textile touch.

Plasma silver coated polyester dtex 125 f 36 2-ply 1.1 Ohms/cm from Swicofil
Plasma silver coated polyester dtex 125 f 36 2-ply 
1.1 Ohms/cm

Plasma silver coated embroidery yarn on Techtextil blazer
Plasma silver coated embroidery yarn on
Techtextil blazers 2017


SwicoGold plasma gold coated yarns for luxury and functional applications

Traditional gold tape yarn wound around core (Lamé yarn).
Plasma gold coated Polyester high tenacity yarn dtex 150 f 48 Lower yarn above:
PET h.t. plasma 24K gold coated multifilament yarn dtex 150 f 48

  SwicoGold plasma 24K Gold coated yarn
Plasma gold coated 24 Karat SwicoGold - the only Gold yarn with no silver or copper underneath
Picture of the original (second yarn above) on a bobbin.

  Now hi-brightness gold quality for luxury and fashion applications is in the program:
Plasma gold coated 24 Karat SwicoGold for knitting and weaving - the only Gold yarn with no silver or copper underneath
Plasma gold coated high bright
dtex 150 f 48 Z 60

Plasma gold coated 24 Karat SwicoGold for multiple head embroidery - the only Gold yarn with no silver or copper underneath
Plasma gold coated high bright
multiple head embroidery yarn No. 40
(dtex 125 f 36 x2)

Plasma gold coated yarns on any multi- or monofilament substrate
Plasma gold coated yarn from Tersuisse
Precious metals have always been of great interest to mankind. Imagine what products one can develop if a precious metal like gold had the properties of a filament yarn! This is no longer fiction - it is possible. Tersuisse - our supplier partner for high tenacity polyester yarns - has acquired the patents and the prototype equipment of EMPA Switzerland for plasma coating filament yarns with any metal.
End uses? Just a few ideas:
Fabrics for decoration, home furnishing, medical, engineering, jewellery, computing, electronic components, watches....
Why plasma gold coated?
Coating a filament yarn by the plasma coating method gives much better wear, it is a perfect level coating, little to no conductivity fluctuation, is easy to process in the textile chain and products on the fashion side have a wonderful noble appearance. Interested? 

Below is a report in the local newspaper 12.08.13
(German) please click on images below:
Plasma coated yarn for Rococo luxury dessous by Swicofil - Luzerner Zeitung 20130813 

and here the Swiss "Blick" article 13.08.13
Plasma coated yarn for Rococo luxury dessous by Swicofil 

 Rococo Dessous 24 Karat Gold Lingerie at LingerieFW SS14 

Application ideas: 

Fabrics for decoration

high end fashion

luxury menswear in pin stripes

sewing and embroidery threads

fabrics for clerical applications

home furnishing


medical end uses

engineering as ESD applications

jewellery and watches


electronic components

defense applications

body sensor systems  

decoration elements in folklore  dresses


SWICOGOLD yarn is the only one in the world where 24K Gold is brought straight onto the base yarn. There is no silver and no copper layer underneath the gold! 

This is a huge advantage for demanding applications. The final product is EASY CARE - it can be washed without the big problem which  all other Gold coated yarns have with the silver or copper underneath oxidizing through the Gold coating!!!

High brightness plasma Gold coated Filament yarn dtex 168 f 24 for hand embroidery (in  comparison to standard quality - on the right)
High brightness plasma Gold coated Filament yarn dtex 168 f 24 for hand embroidery (in  comparison to standard quality - on the right)

Plasma coated yarns - other metals 

Tersuisse is in a position to metallize most continuous filament yarns in a new process called plasma metal coating, be it mono- or multifilaments. The metals and alloys which we have done so far are:

  • gold

  • silver

  • aluminum

  • inox 316L

  • copper

  • brass

  • titanium

  • chromium


In other metals there is no experience for the time being. The technicians believe that a nickel plasma coating should be possible too but it has to be re-confirmed with trials. 


Gold yarn - customer reference products         pleas click on pictures below for a bigger one

Aussiebum - mens underwear Jakob Schläpfer
The same yarn  as above in weft on a black silk warp
Heimgartner - Soie et toi
Aussiebum 24K Gold mens underwear
MP4 film
Plasma Gold coated Polyester dtex 168 f 14 in the weft on a black silk warp Soie et toi shawl with gold from Heimgartner

Rococo Dessous Bischoff Textil - embroidered watch Coats - sewing thread
Rococo Dessous bra Hublot Big Bang gold embroidered watch Plasma Gold sewing thread from Coats

Embroidery yarn stress tests
plasma gold coated multiiple head embroidery yarn - stress tests


 Gold in interior design - the returning - new trend

Return of the Gold in interior design. Our 24 K plasma gold coated yarns are a perfect fit to this latest trend!. Welcome to the world of gold coated textile filament yarns.


Inquiries for plasma metal coated yarns - please use the checklist here and send it completely filled in  to us by email.

Our customer Forster Rohner has been awarded the Techtextil Innovation Award 2015.  “Embroidered Electrode with Silver/Titanium Coating for Long-Term ECG Monitoring“ with projekt number TTA-2015-008 was chosen as one of totally 8 prizes in the category "New product"

Below please find a number of new yarns which we have plasma metal coated:








result. count

speed m/min





shr. %





put up



S 80












ZH 57/175




S 80










PET h.t


ZH 57/175




S 80
x2 Z 60










PET h.t


ZH 57/175




S 500
x4 Z400










PET h.t




  ISO 9001 certificate

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