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High density (HDPE) and high tenacity (GRET) polyethylene monofilament yarns.
Established in 1905 by Consul Ditlev Lauritzen, VitasheetGroup Esbjerg is today a division of Vita Polymers Denmark A/S. They started production of fibres and thermoplastics in the 1960’s. The company was acquired by British Vita in 1989 and the plant moved to its current purpose built site in Tistrup, Denmark in 1995.

Through recent years VitasheetGroup Esbjerg has developed into being Europe's leading producer of polyolefin monofilaments. This position has been achieved by high quality products, guarantee of delivery, customer service, new and efficient production machinery and technical development. VitasheetGroup Esbjerg produces exactly those qualities which you demand in terms of UV-resistance, tensile strength, elongation, shrinkage and runnage per spool. All is produced according to order and therefore they only carry a stock upon special agreement with a customer.

The company services a Pan European customer base for both fibres and sheet customers with a focus on quality and service and is the base for VitasheetGroup servicing to Nordic region. The production facility has a capacity of 15,500 metric tons.

Shade of colours Esbjerg Thermoplast Vitasheet is able to produce
VitasheetGroup Esbherg has the knowhow to secure production of monofilaments of the best quality regarding tensile strength, elongation, shrinkage and uniformity in colours and runnage. The monofilaments are therefore used for various purposes such as reinforced foils, agro nets, geotextiles, electric fences, debris nets, ropes and strings.



The quality control system of VitasheetGroup Esbjerg is certified in our quality and environmental control system, with focus on profitability and preventive activities.

The quality control system of VitasheetGroup Esbjerg complies with the international quality standard DS/EN ISO 9001.

VitasheetGroup Esbjerg is committed as follows:
  • We will fulfill the demands from authorities and customers. If there are standard specifications or demands on the product we have to fulfill these demands.
  • Together with the customer we will specify relevant demands, needs and expectations in advance. We have to write this down in our product and customer specification system, and this is then the binding documentation of the organization. (purchase, production, packaging, stock and dispatch department).
  • We will cooperate with suppliers who comply with our demands on delivery time , quality and price level. Furthermore we need the suppliers to give us the necessary documentation and technical service and we also expect them to continuously develop their products.
  • We will secure the necessary resources and continuous improvements by having an up-to-date quality system, which also enables us to document both the quality level and the developments. Furthermore action plans are carried out for the activities which are necessary to ensure improvements in the company
  • We will inform all the employees of the quality system and policies of the company.
  • Through education and training we want to improve the quality consciousness of the employees and at the same time make sure, that the quality policy has been perceived by everybody in the organization.
  • Through a close cooperation between management and quality department we make efforts to reach the quality objectives.
  • Through a systematic effort we want to maintain and strengthen the reputation and stop unnecessary costs. We have to pay attention to the process and the capability of the equipment and the goal is 0-mistakes.
  • At least twice a year we have a special meeting: Management evaluation. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the need for changes in policies and the future goals. Furthermore we give an estimation of the suitability of the quality system, and we discuss the possible changes or adjustments in the system. 
High density (HDPE) and high tenacity (GRET) polyethylene monofilaments in rawwhite and spundyed for shade nets, agricultural nets, narrow weaving and rachel knitting from VitasheetGroup Esbjerg.

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