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Fundamentally, the characteristics of chitosan are:


  • very strong antibacterial effect
  • total biodegradability
  • biocompatibility
  • high humidity absorption



Due to these characteristics, chitin / chitosan is used so far in following areas:


flocculationpurifies waste water
heavy metal adsorptionadsorbs and removes radioactive substances
biodegradationdegraded by microorganism as it is an organic material
antimicrobial activityinhibts bacterial growth
immunizationenhances the body's immunity to disease
cell activationpromotes lysozyme secretion
acceleration of skin tissue regenerationthin non-woven fabric is successfully applied to burns
salt adsorptionlowers high blood pressure
oil absorption inhibitionhelps the body getting rid of excess fat
lowering of cholesterolcatch cholesterol and lowers its levels
haemostatic actionbleeding is easily stopped
slow releasing actionpermits slow and steady release of medicines maximizing the efficacy
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