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by Susanne Galliker

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Setila - the polyester specialist for POY and FOY





2000 / 2001


Setila polyester yarns - beyond imagination

Melex Bodyguard
Pontella Technical Ethnic
Comorto Funtional knits
Setila Soft Iron Adventure

Trends Setila Winter 2000 / 2001

As we enter the first winter of the 3rd Millenium we have an opportunity to look closely at the world around us and to reflect on our lives and fashions. The high speed of change brings with it the constant desire for innovation, but is this always realistic, or merely an illusion? Where are we going, where have we come from?

Science has made many discoveries and advances that greatly change our everyday lives but outbreaks of disease, human conflicts and natural disasters still exist to thwart our progress. Man advances but the world and nature often check this progress.

By striking a balance between the enthusiasm for new ideas brought about by technological advances and the physiological attractions of the natural world, there is a sensible equilibrium to the fashion of winter 2000 / 2001 which is inspired by both nature and technology, embracing traditional and modern


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